Open .git scan – the results

I published an artice about my latest security scan aimed to the exposed git repositories.

The results:

  • 230 000 000 domains checked (the list was build mainly from the Rapid 7 OpenData),
  • 390 000 affected sites found,
  • 100 000 alerts send.

The most of affected sites use PHP:


But after normalization the numbers according to the market share, the worst situation is among the Python:


I also tried to detect the CMS/E-commerce system, HTTP server, Operating Systems and Frameworks:






You can find more detailed information about the scan on our company blog.

3 thoughts on “Open .git scan – the results

  1. Just found your mail notif about it when tidy up my old email. The site affected not maintained by me again since years. But the problem still persist. I just want to say thank you ^_^

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